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Simply 35 Watermelon Moscato

Simply 35 Watermelon Moscato

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Simply 35 Watermelon Moscato is the perfect anytime wine.

Deliciously guilt-free at 35 calories per glass with just the right amount of sweetness and a wonderful balance of candied watermelon and light citrus flavors. Moscato wine is produced from Muscat grapes which are grown all over the world and believed to be one of the oldest grapes in history. Muscat grapes have high residual sugar but low acid, both of which contribute to Moscato’s signature sweet taste.


Simply 35 Watermelon Moscato offers a fragrant floral aroma, with candied watermelon flavor and lightnotes of citrus.


Simply 35 Watermelon Moscato’s sweetness will perfectly compliment spicy dishes like cChicken Tikka Masala. The sweetness also offsets salty foods like Pepperoni pizza. Savory egg dishes and soft cheeses like Brie are also delicious pairings. Enjoy it over ice as an apéritif, or as a fun, refreshing cocktail mixer.

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