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CA Cali - Chardonnay

CA Cali - Chardonnay

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California has been enjoying a revolution in its winemaking over the past decade, and nowhere has this been felt more than with the state’s number one varietal, Chardonnay.

CA Cali Chardonnay is sourced from family vineyards across the state and embodies all that is wonderful in a California Chardonnay. Medium body with just the right amount of acidity, CA Cali Chardonnay is a wine to be enjoyed with family and friends. Available in 750ml and 1.5-liter bottles.


Enjoy wonderful aromas of apple and citrus fruit, taste delicate notes of lemon zest, honeysuckle and passion fruit. Medium body with just the right amount of acidity.


Pairs deliciously with firmer fish like swordfish, white meats like chicken and pork tenderloin, pasta with cream sauce and aged cheeses like Gruyere and Gouda.

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