Best Ways to Count Down to Christmas

Best Ways to Count Down to Christmas

Holiday Countdown

Calendars, decor, and more!

Year after year, we find new and exciting ways to ring in the holidays. From holiday-themed countdown calendars to DIY holiday decor, our love of the holidays knows no bounds. 

With all that said, the holidays are still about spending time with loved ones and showing our gratitude in meaningful ways. 

While that can be sometimes accomplished through material items, we tend to remember those small, intimate moments for much longer. So, how do you create those moments - especially through all the stress and commotion of the holiday season?

Here are some of Sip & Savor’s favorite ways to countdown to the holidays and help make memories that will last a lifetime.

Lego Calendar

Bring out the inner child in everyone this holiday season with a lego advent calendar! Once a day, you open a new lego piece (or pieces) as you work your way through this fun Christmas countdown calendar.

The best part? Lego offers a variety of different themes and sets. From Marvel and Star Wars to Harry Potter, everyone can put their builder hats back on.

24 Acts of Holiday Kindness

This is one of our personal favorites. Whether you do this by yourself or with the whole family, go out of your way to try to make someone’s day or put a smile on their face. 

‘Tis the season of giving, and this is a perfect way to celebrate. No matter how big or small the act is, you never know how much it may impact that person.

Bonus activity? Have everyone recollect on the experience and try to pick out one or two favorite interactions you had. 

24 Days of Gifts

This holiday countdown activity is perfect for people whose love language is gift-giving. Show your gratitude and appreciation for your significant other by doing a gift advent calendar! Each day, they get to open a new present as you count down to the holidays. 

Obviously, this can be difficult financially if you’re going for big-ticket items. However, this activity is more so for small, thoughtful gifts. Things like their favorite snacks, drinks, a book, or a new game are perfect for something like this.

And who doesn’t wish they could open presents for 24 straight days?

Christmas Activity Jar

This is a perfect new tradition for families to add to their holiday season! Grab any jar around the house and start writing out holiday activities on small pieces of paper. Once you have 24 (or 12), fold them up and put them in the jar. 

Then every day, have someone pick out an activity for the family to do that night. Some examples are a Christmas movie night, building a gingerbread house, Christmas caroling, and so much more!

Santa’s Beard Advent

This is a fun one for the kids! Print out a big picture of Santa with a big beard and draw 23 evenly-spaced lines across his beard. Number each portion of his beard, starting with 1 at the top and going down until 24 at the bottom. 

Every day, let one of your children (under parent supervision) cut off one part of Santa’s beard. The smaller his beard is, the closer you are to Christmas!

Here’s an example to help get you started!

Christmas Countdown Apps

Technology rules the day once again. There have been countless mobile or tablet apps that have come out over the last few years to help make the holiday season even more special.

From the more traditional holiday advent calendar to fun, interactive countdowns, this is an easy activity to add to the end of your night and bring some excitement.

Wine Advent Calendars

Wine Advent Calendars

Alas, the perfect way to countdown to the holidays. Cozy up by the fire, put on your favorite Hallmark movie, and find out which new wine you get to try today! With both full 24-day advent calendars and 12 Days of Christmas calendars, this is a perfect gift for anyone - not just wine lovers.

And with several different styles and themes, it can make for the perfect addition to your holiday decor!

No matter how you decide to countdown to the holidays this year, make sure you spend it with the people you love. 


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