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Bougie  - Chardonnay

Bougie - Chardonnay

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Bougie delivers a fresh, fruit forward Chardonnay.

The grapes are harvested at optimal maturity and processed utilizing reductive winemaking techniques. This handling allows the more subtle aromas and flavors to be retained.

A small amount of new French Oak provides the ideal textural finish with just enough fine tannin to complete the wine’s structure. The grapes were harvested quite ripe, leading to a gentle warmth of alcohol which sits wonderfully with
the lively natural acid.


Notes of tropical fruit and baking spices. Ripe fruit flavors with hints of yellow peach. Full bodied, with mineral character and a smooth, buttery finish.


Bougie Chardonnay is delicious with most Seafood, pair it with Grilled Salmon or Lobster Newberg. Perfect with Roasted Tarragon Chicken or Fettuccine Alfredo. Mozzarella and soft cheeses also make excellent accompaniments.

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